About Us

About Us

It’s not about what you do, but rather the passion with which you do it. That passion is an addiction within the Mob. Thinking in the box, out of the box, even creating our own box and then thinking in and out of that – we’re that extreme.

Our team of highly motivated designers, developers, strategists and writers prides itself on collaborative development and flexibility, and it is this approach that allows our marketing solutions to consistently exceed the expectations of our partners and their customers.

And while we function as a close-knit group, we’re all individuals with unique perspectives, one-of-a-kind thought processes and extraordinary skills and talent that make us… well, the Founded IN.

Our Philosophy

We help companies build meaningful experiences that engage consumers in the digital world.

We’re data-driven and design-led, believing that great work should come with measurable results. And we do it all. From brand development to search engine marketing, social media campaigns to software development, Founded IN offers a truly integrated solution to all of your digital marketing needs.

Infatuated with popular culture; addicted to all things creative; obsessed with delivering excellence and measurable results – that’s us.

Design In The Front

We believe that at the heart of every good branding or marketing initiative lay quality design.

Your branding and marketing efforts will serve as ambassadors for your corporate identity, and it is important that this identity be accurate, meaningful, engaging and lasting.

For this reason, we put design first at Founded IN – we think you’ll appreciate the difference.


Data in the back


In order to meet the needs of your business, as well as those of your customers and clients, a website must be built upon a solid foundation, utilizing code that meets Best Practice standards.
Before we begin any website project at Founded IN, we first ensure that the site is built with a logical structure and hierarchy, and that the underlying coding is sound.