Online Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, we know which tools yield results – PPC, social media and analytics, among others – and we take advantage of them.

Campaign Strategy

Before we ever set out to design a new website, implement a PPC ad campaign, or manage a social media account, we make a point of first conceptualizing what our marketing strategy will be.
No two businesses are the same, after all, and what worked for one client is not guaranteed to work for another.
We have the experience that matters and know how to get results.


Pay Per Click (PPC)

In a perfect world, all of your traffic would come via organic search results.
But the simple fact of the matter is this: some percentage of your traffic is going to come through paid advertising.
Thankfully, we possess the wherewithal and experience needed to minimize your costs while maximizing your ROI. Don’t pay more than you have to for your PPC campaign!

Social Media

At first glance, managing a social media account seems simple.
All you have to do is post the occasional holiday greeting and fans will flock in droves, right? The truth is far more complicated.
Perhaps most simply, many businesses fail to appreciate just how time-consuming a process it is.
For social media communication to be truly effective, it has to be timely, topical, and relevant. We have the team for the job.


Analytics & Tracking

To fully understand the effectiveness of any marketing campaign, steps must be taken to analyze the results of the strategies that have been implemented.
In online marketing, this is realized through data analytics.
Our team of search engine marketing analysts is intimately familiar with a number of tracking tools, including Google Analytics, and will make recommendations based not on hunches but facts.


Marketing Materials & Investor Decks

Starting a business can be a daunting task – in addition to the day-to-day responsibilities of running the business and trying to build revenue, business owners need to market their companies and secure funding.
Don’t risk failing to secure the financing you need for business loans or miss out on venture capital because your marketing materials aren’t up to speed. Let us help – we’re pretty good at it!