Web Design

From branding to graphic design and page layout,
our creative team can do everything.
We start at conceptualization and carry through to implementation.

Branding / Logos

At Founded IN, we help businesses build their brand identity so that it is cohesive and consistent.
We believe that when branding is done right, the results are nothing short of extraordinary.
Color palettes, logos, and even typography can come to represent not just the public face but the core identity of a business.
Our goal is to develop distinct and appropriate branding that makes a lasting impression.


Web Layout

The layout of a website is important. Not only because aesthetics matter but also because page layout ultimately dictates user flow.
Our philosophy on web design and page layout is simple: eliminate the user’s questions so that his or her experience is positive and fruitful.
To convert users into customers, we put users’ needs first and artifice second.

Mobile Design

If your website isn’t mobile responsive, then you are falling behind in the game of online marketing.
Thankfully, we have a wealth of experience building responsive websites that are tailor-made for use on tablets and smartphones.
Ditch the desktop-only layout. Ditch the mobile-exclusive website.
Web 2.0 demands an adaptable and responsive website that works for all formats.



To appreciate how important the user experience and interface facets of a website are, think of how frustrating it can be to land on a site that is impossible to navigate. This issue can be addressed through the design and proper implementation of a solid UX/UI strategy. We believe that a visitor to your website should never have to question what steps to take next – those steps should be self-evident.