Web Development

Shopping carts, database management, coding… the list goes on. Suffice to say, our development team handles it all.

Mobile Responsive

Every website that we develop is mobile responsive. What this means for you is an online presence that is compatible with the devices your customers actually use to access your website. Search engines like Google no longer want separate mobile and desktop sites – and we agree.
Our goal is to develop one site that meets all of your needs, as well as those of your users.


Programming Languages

Our team can call upon a number of different tools to provide you with a solid website foundation – be it PHP, JavaScript, or one of the many thousands of other programming and scripting languages available.
Whatever your online needs may be, rest assured; we can develop and implement a solution that is designed to last.
After all, programming is part and parcel of what a website encompasses.


Does your business sell products online? More pointedly, does your business want to sell products online? If so, we can handle all aspects of your E-commerce site, from your shopping cart to user flow to the checkout process. We have helped numerous online businesses implement E-commerce platforms that have proven to be wildly successful – we can do the same for you.


Database Management

At Founded IN, we have experience in the creation, management, and maintenance of both traditional and online databases, and can develop them to suit any need.
Our development team – which possesses the tools and expertise needed to conceptualize and implement a foundational base on which to store and analyze various types of data – can provide invaluable assistance at all stages of the process.